Testimonial Tuesday: Skin-Eze Review


My German shepherd cross, Raoul, was driving himself and me to distraction, constantly chewing and snapping at himself and rubbing himself raw in patches. Conventional veterinary treatment provided only temporary relief and because of the risk of negative side effects if continued could only be applied for short periods. Your herbal medication has completely restored his health and well-being. Now being maintained on your suggested minimal dosage, his coat is fully restored and he is once again a calm and happy dog.

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Testimonial Tuesday: Nuroplex Review


I just want to thank you SO MUCH for your Nuroplex treatment.  My 14 y.o.Golden Retriever Anna started having seizures last November, at approximately 2 week intervals.  Her blood tests showed no abnormality, and I felt she was too old to have a scan, so my vet said I should wait until the seizures are more frequent, and then she would be prescribed phenobarbital.

I hated the thought of this as I have always given her a natural chemical free diet, so I looked for information on the web. I found you and ordered Nuroplex tabs straight away.  I started treatment just after her last seizure on Feb 4th,  and she has had nothing since.  I have the homeopathic spray, but have never had to use it.  The side effects are amazing,  she is happier, has more appetite, more energy, and has taken up jogging!  I now have to buy myself some joggers so I can keep up with her.

If anyone is wondering if this product really works,  I say to them just try it.  You will be so happy with the results.

Tess Hughes Healesvillen Vic. Australia.

Introducing Your Dog To A New Baby


Babies act, smell, and behave a lot differently than humans. Dogs can be a little put off and not necessarily in a bad way. But it is a new experience for them and introducing them to your new baby is something that needs to be done carefully and with patience in mind. Here are some tips to safely introduce your dog to a new baby.

Good Impressions

Your dog should have an enjoyable experience with a new baby the moment he sees it. When you bring the baby home, make sure everyone he’s used to seeing enters first. This is to make sure all of that excitement is out before the baby is actually in the house. Have your dog leashed, even if your dog is the nicest on the block. And stay calm. Have plenty treats as a reward for any calm reaction your dog has toward the baby. Try to avoid scolding. Doing so will associate the baby with negative behavior. It should be a very positive experience.

Choose a Quiet Space

When letting your dog investigate the new baby, you want to make sure it’s in a quiet room. Have someone leash and hold your dog and make sure to have the baby cradled in your arms.

Make sure when you invite your dog to approach the baby, it’s in a calm, gentle tone. If you’re comfortable with it, allow your dog to sniff the baby, but continue to do so while talking to him gently.


Introducing your dog to a new baby is something that makes a lot of parents nervous and for good reason. It’s understandable as animals can be unpredictable, regardless of how well you know them. So take this slow. Make it a deliberate process to help your dog interact with your little one. If long interactions don’t make you very comfortable, try brief ones throughout the day. You’re still getting some introduction time in, but at a pace with which you’re most comfortable.


Are Two Pets Better than One?


There is no denying the fact that owning a pet can add value to your life. The unconditional love and affection they provide coupled with their adorable antics can make your life rich with joy. This is why many people want to add a second pet to their life. But is this wise? There are a few aspects to consider with this.


The Cost

The first thing you should know is that two pets are more expensive than one. This is because you will have to pay double for food, vaccines, vet visits, grooming and everything else you spend on your pet. While they may be able to share some of their toys, you will need to have more toys for them to play with.


Attention from You

Another aspect to consider with this is the amount of attention that will be required with two pets. You will need to give them equal attention so they do not get upset. This is not a good idea if you do not have enough time to devote to one pet at the moment. Even if you have a spouse or children who can devote attention, you want to be sure that both animals will get the love and attention they deserve, as it will affect both of them.


Your Current Pet’s Temperament

It is also important that you understand the temperament of your pet. While you may have the ideal vision of your pets playing and napping together like they were twins separated at birth, this may not be how it works out in the long run. If you are not sure how your pet is with other animals, it may be helpful to offer to pet sit for a friend or family member as this will give you a better understanding of how your dog reacts.


Having two pets can help to complete your family. However, this is not something that is right for everyone. By considering these different factors you will be able to determine if this is the right choice for your family.

How to find the right pet sitter for when you go on vacation

Staffordshire terrier and cat

Owning a pet is an amazing experience. While you are going to go through heartache and sadness from time to time, the amount of joy pets give you is truly unmatched by anything else. Of course, it is not always possible to travel with your pets, no matter how much you might want to. If you don’t have someone staying at home or a friend who can watch your pet, you need to find the right pet sitter for you and your pet.

Ask Around

First, ask your other friends who have pets if they use someone specific for their pet sitting. Chances are you are going to find someone who is able to help you out with this. Whether it is a friend of their family or an actual service, you can find locate several individuals through this who provide sitting services.

Look Online

There are many ways to locate pet sitting services now. This can range from them living in their actual home to more of a kennel setup. Ultimately, it is just going to depend on what you feel comfortable with and what your pet might like. Some pets enjoy being with other animals at the same time while others might work better just in the individual household. These services can help you out.


Most importantly, you need to feel comfortable with the individual and the facility. Make sure to schedule a meet and greet and ring your pet along with you. This way, not only you can determine if you feel comfortable with the individual and services they provide, but your pet can feel comfortable as well. It often helps when they see you interact with the individual and meet them ahead of time in terms of their general comfort when you are not around.

Tips for Bringing Your Dog to Work

depressed dog rests on files model released. Image shot 2006. Exact date unknown.

Bringing your dog to work is a great way to break up mundane routines while giving you a chance to spend time with your best friend while on the job. When you want to bring your dog into work, there are a few tips to help smooth the process of bringing a pet in and introducing it into a new environment.

Get Permission

Before thinking of bringing your dog to work, it is essential to get permission from your manager or employer directly. Getting permission to bring your dog to work is important to reduce the risk of bringing an animal into the workplace if you have co-workers with severe allergies or fears.

Have Your Dog Vaccinated

Have your dog vaccinated and get any routine shots that are necessary before bringing him or her to work to minimize the risk of potential injuries or illness to others.

Create a Safe Space for Your Dog in the Workplace

Create a safe space for your dog at work by bringing blankets, toys and special treats from home to help make him or her more comfortable. Having a designated area where your dog stays throughout the day can also help you to keep a better on on him at all times. Bring treats, food and a fresh supply of water along with toys to keep your dog happy without bothering others while you are working.

Ensure Your Dog is Well-Trained for Social Environments

Any time you plan to take your dog where other individuals are present it is necessary to feel comfortable enough with your animal in social environments. Ensuring your dog is well-trained for social environments is possible by taking him for walks, to public parks and introducing him to large groups of people before bringing him into work.

Knowing how to bring your dog to work without a hassle is a way to reduce the risk of embarrassment or being told to return your dog home once you are actually working. The more familiar you are with your dog’s habits, behaviors, and abilities to interact with others, the easier it is to gauge whether or not he or she is ready to go to work with you.